In addition to the main activity of the Company, Aliotts Executive Search provides certified expertise in the field of individual and collective evaluation. It derives from the desire within the Company to offer a quality of service beyond the mission of recruitment. Each employee of Aliotts Executive Search is able to provide the Client with its expertise.

Aliotts’ Executive Search key employees offer a methodology that meets the specific requirements of the audience and use assertive tools that they fully master. They rely on internationally recognized tests and original situational scenario (or business cases) developed by Aliotts Executive Search teams.

Both individual and collective evaluations result in operational recommendations to be put into practice immediately.


  • Qualitative approach of candidates carrying corporate and brand values
  • Traceability of the relationship
  • Short list of candidates

Monitoring of the integration

  • Follow-up of the recruited candidates within the first few months
  • Contractual guaranty over the integration period

Exploring your project

  • Understanding of your needs
  • Define strategic stakes of the position
  • Challenge on the soft skills
  • Map out the research perimeter: geography, sector, companies


  • Our trademark
  • Time and conversation
  • Commitment

Why Aliotts

  • Obligation of result
  • Global approach
  • Relationship value
  • Form a connection

Aliotts Methods

  • Comprehension of the need
  • Identification and qualification
  • Shape the relationship
  • Follow-up of the integration