Each employee at Aliotts Executive Search is selected so as to match the Company’s corporate values: the emphasis is equally shared between their personal and professional qualities.

They all apply themselves to the greatest extent to meet the requirements set by both the Candidates and the Clients.

Motivated by a very real desire to answer its Client’s needs, Aliotts Executive Search positions itself as a high quality advisor, going far beyond the traditional mission of executive search recruitment.


The structure of the Aliotts team is moved by criteria of diversity and gender equality. It emphasizes the plurality of cultures amongst its key employees as to secure a local approach as part of a global searching process.

An integrated network

Aliotts Executive Search is confident in believing that belonging in an integrated network ensures the respect of its values, methods and ambition.

Expectancies and precision

The processes applied require a weekly written report to the Client. Besides, Aliotts Executive Search ensures the traceability of the relationship with each candidate approached.

Integrity and confidentiality

The missions entrusted in Aliotts Executive Search result in qualified approach of Candidates with a steady attention to both the confidentiality and respect of everyone involved (both Clients and Candidates).

Why Aliotts

  • Obligation of result
  • Global approach
  • Relationship value
  • Form a connection

Aliotts Methods

  • Comprehension of the need
  • Identification and qualification
  • Shape the relationship
  • Follow-up of integration